The baskets Item are  a Donation from some God Parents and some  Business Hallmark Stone and vine wealth.

The basket items are:

  • a backpack
  • a pair of boot
  • a package of cookies
  • a toy according to the age
  • all the children receive a ball
  • 2 toothpaste
  • 2 toothbrush
  • 3 soaps
  • 2 notebooks  and sketchbook
  • a pencil case
  • 2 sharper
  • 1 color pencil
  • 3 eraser
  • marker
  • pen and pencil
  • paint and brush


Thanks to HALLMARK STONE. We will be able to buy creams for their faces and Fruit for this childrens.

Thank You to the Godparents and Business for make this possible.

Cintia Perry




We are done!! and finalizing everything

We had clothes that people from Lima donated so the parents and  the children that are not in our list received as well as cookies. Thank You so much for your help Cintia Perry....
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We want to said Thank you to ARCH PLUMBING and all their customer for make this possible. Thank you so Much for this. This children will be warm on this winter.                                                                                                ...
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Hallmark stone Bascket

Thanks to Hallmark stone. We were able to buy more for the children specially the little ones. You can see in the pictures the 3 years old and younger received a cover bed for them. They are the ones who suffering more in winter.                                       ...
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