Grateful Children

The children say thank you to Arch Plumbing and to all who are looking out for them.

Changing Lives

One loaf of bread at a time!

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Unlocking Potential

Teaching them about hard work, the gift of their mind, and positive attitudes!

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Welcome to The Plumber’s Dream!

Our work started with the dream of a plumber to make a difference in this world and to help those in need. That plumber was Brady Perry, the owner of Arch Plumbing. His business serves the greater St Louis area. In 2016, Brady pulled together his family and started to ask the question what can we do to help needy people? The answer to this question has evolved into The Plumber’s Dream is a service to the neediest children in Peru, providing them with food, clothing, and tools to help them succeed.  Arch Plumbing donates $5 of every job to help these wonderful children. If you would like to come along side us to help the children of Peru, you can either hire Arch Plumbing for all your plumbing needs or give directly to our work.

Giving hope through the three rules of success:

  1. Hard work pays off
  2. A positive attitude is important
  3. Knowing that one of the greatest gifts from God is that your mind is a tool and it only works for you. What you dream about, believe in, and visualize are things that you will be able to achieve.

We are done!! and finalizing everything

We had clothes that people from Lima donated so the parents and  the children that are not in our list received as well as cookies. Thank You so much for your help Cintia Perry....
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We want to said Thank you to ARCH PLUMBING and all their customer for make this possible. Thank you so Much for this. This children will be warm on this winter.                                                                                                ...
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Hallmark stone Bascket

Thanks to Hallmark stone. We were able to buy more for the children specially the little ones. You can see in the pictures the 3 years old and younger received a cover bed for them. They are the ones who suffering more in winter.                                       ...
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We start with the Box

After they were done eating the fruit cake and chocolate milk. We decided to start with the boxes. Such a big box catch their attention!. They were really excited about it. Look! They actually have New Clothes! Thank You  Cintia Perry
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Our Godparents Basckets

We want to say a special THANK YOU to the people that sent their donation for these children. With your help , we were able to complete the gifts. THANK YOU CHRISTINE VIVIANO DIANE MUELLER LOUI WRAY STEPHANIE You make these children really...
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Hallmark stone Extra Donation

Thank you to Hallmark Stone  Donation. We were able to buy fruits and cream for their red faces. The cold weather and sun make their faces red. You can see in this pictures the presents that They received from Hallmark Stone. Thank you Hallmark Stone For Giving them a...
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Shipping the package. Yeah!

You can see in this video how The volunteers are  classifying all the donation and putting them in big bags ready to send it . This big package have a long journey first it goes bus from Lima and deliver it to Ayacucho . Then The volunteer will pick it up in  a car...
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Surprise! There are more children.

Finally in Huaco and surprised, there were new faces. And it continue arriving. well, we start taking the list and adding the new Children give them the balloons and start with our sharing. so the children were receiving their fruit cake with chocolate milk, there...
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Organizing everything

Organizing is the hardest work of all because you have to put the name of each children and do not get confuse. But we are happy to do it for this children and getting ready to package everything. Here a couple pictures.                                 Thank you...
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Our Baskets Items

The baskets Item are  a Donation from some God Parents and some  Business Hallmark Stone and vine wealth. The basket items are: a backpack a pair of boot a package of cookies a toy according to the age all the children receive a ball 2 toothpaste 2 toothbrush 3 soaps...
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