About Our Work

Learn how we are making a difference in Peru!

Working Together

Learn how our family has pulled together to touch the lives of children in Peru and how you can come alongside us in this work.

A personal letter from our founders…

Hello, my name is Brady Perry, and I’d first like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website, The Plumbers Dream.org.

This website was created to publicize awareness to help fight poverty against children. The word “poverty” is an interesting word. Between reading the definition in the dictionary and truly experiencing what it is first-hand.
While allowing our awareness to grow, we are currently helping children in Peru. These children express their love, intelligence, and most of all their happiness. While these children are facing poverty on a daily basis, they still strive to maintain such a great attitude that allows others to become aspired.

In the life that these Peruvian children live, a daily meal might be turnips and rice. This is can relate to the Great Depression. Nutrition is an important factor in allowing a child to grow, physically as well as mentally. There are many risks that come with malnourishment. We do not want this for our society. Our goal is to help provide them with their necessities.

So the logical question is, How can we help the maximum amount of children with the least amount of money? This is something my wife, Cintia, and I have studied upon. We have concluded that with your help, we could make this dream a reality!
My wife targets locations where children are most in need. So far, the locations that she has studied upon and found the most desirable are; the mountains of Peru, the Jungle of the Amazon, as well as the Inner cities.

Identifying the Need!

After searching the cities in Peru that are in need the most, my wife and I send the children sweet potato bread, a t-shirt, pencils, and notebook paper. To provide the children with all of these necessities, we couldn’t do it without Cintia’s family. Her father, Biviano, bakes the sweet potato bread. This is because it was found to be one of the kids’ favorites. Cintia’s sister and brother help create our t-shirts. On each of the t-shirts are positive phrases. This is in order to spread knowledge of the three rules to success, this is later described below. Lastly, Cintia’s mother Norma, creates a combination of pencils and notebook paper for the children.
The total cost of these three items is $5. We are quite proud of this number because this concludes that we can reach out to more children due to the profit being so little.

We would like to address any questions you could potentially have. One of the main ones that we would like to address is, how much actually reaches the cause. To answer your question, we most importantly want you to know that The Plumbers Dream.org is just asking for $5 dollar of your hard earned money. We have made it ideal that with just $5, we can build awareness to help these children in need. And that’s why every job that Arch Plumbing does we donate $5 on behalf of the customer. With your help to spread this awareness, the more we are able to provide for these children.

Our goal is to give children hope through the three rules of success are:

  1. Hard work pays off
  2. A positive attitude is important
  3. Lastly, we want these children to know that one of the greatest gifts from God is to know that your mind is a tool and it only works for you. What you dream about, believe in and visualize it, and you do so you can achieve it.

Again, thank you for taking the time to learn about our small movement.
Please tell family and friends about The Plumbers Dream.org

Brady and Cintia Perry