Finally in Huaco and surprised, there were new faces. And it continue arriving. well, we start taking the list and adding the new Children give them the balloons and start with our sharing.

so the children were receiving their fruit cake with chocolate milk, there were really happy about it. They said That it feels like the christmas in the book but without snow.


They were so happy that we came back without forgetting them.

Thank you

Cintia Pery


Almost done everybody have their big basket, cover and jackets. We are Making sure is complete and start to give the extra clothes for the citizen and fruits.The citizen are really Thankfull for remenber them  and their children. They said THANK...
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THANK YOU to ARCH PLUMBING for the Donation

This Year our frineds of ARCH PLUMBING complete the 6 children left with: shoes, backpack, hygiene supplies, school supplies, cookies … and Sent Big cover queen size for all the Children with special Blue Jacket for the winter. Thank You so much for the...
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This is the 3rd years in a row that our friends of HALLMARK STONE are helping us with the children from Peru. We want to say Thank You for trusting us and We will continue delivering Donation to theses little hard working children. In this group a couple children were...
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